Holiday Letter 2021 into 2022

Hey! Are you out of breath
trying to keep pace with time?
Or was that gently strolling down the mat
as events unraveled
more likely your speed?
Either way, It’s Holidays time,
New Year’s time.
Did I echo myself for a moment?
No, that was a year ago.
Yes, we are saying goodbye
to twenty twenty-one
and opening the door
to twenty-twenty-two.
Does it ring better to you?
Your call.
Well, at this point, we kept up the race
not just physically
but by learning to continuously shift our minds
towards a better tomorrow.
the simple act of “Inhaling “and “exhaling,”
becomes a valuable tool.
Releasing the sorrows
in turning them into timeless memories

While breathing in every ounce of Life
Necessary for our survival.
One of the lessons that I had embraced
in recent years,
Is that One’s inner voice,
away from the noise and commotion
could be the best possible guide

leading to the desirable inner Peace
so much sought after.

May Peace be with you!


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