Happy Holidays 2020 into 2021

In the spirit of the Holidays,

I am coming for a visit today.
My words come out clearly without a mask

as I enjoy a strong cup of coffee with you.
Isolation and quarantine are currently the norms,

yet it is also the perfect time for our light to shine bright.

We have learned to sharpen our vision away from unnecessary distractions,

trimming and pruning off the dead leaves of our lives.

Through reflection and meditation,

people have unearthed gifts and talents long forgotten.

Four people that I know have their books published this year.

Some have steadily released their musical abilities,

while others proudly showed off their sewing skills

using their grandchildren as models.

We have allowed our lights to pierce in some of our darkest moments.

History has shown how some well-known people have experienced the same.

Anne Frank wrote her famous diary while hiding during the Holocaust.

William Shakespeare wrote two masterpieces during a pandemic four hundred years ago.

Learning to fly high like an eagle requires the ability to scope an entire landscape

without neglecting the tiniest pieces that make the whole.

Take time to reflect not only on the moments of fear and sadness that have been prominent throughout the year

but allow the patches of happiness and laughter to settle into the tapestry weaving our memories of 2020.
The sun and the moon rise and set every day. Let us follow suit and faithfully live, hoping for a better tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

with much love,


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