Do you hear what I hear…

I hear a whisper
floating in the air.
We are breaking
out of our cocoons.
In many regards,
whether it be
a lifestyle change,
or otherwise,
we bid farewell to those layers
which act first
as protection
then turn them into the stepping stone
of the next pinnacle of our lives.
We may still not know
where we’re heading,
but for sure,
we’re confident of changing direction.
Let’s allow Faith to conquer Fear.
Goodbye, 2022.
The chick
comes out of the egg.
Once broken, the shell that armors for a time
becomes the pathway
towards the world ahead.
Do you want to be
an active participant
where Creativity abounds?
Hello, 2023.
And let me tell you,
you will find it
in the very mundane things:
Such as artistically grouping plants
and flowers,
symmetrically lining up vases.
When you align your heart with
the heartbeat of your environment,
you then create harmoniously.
These days,
I tend to pay
more attention to my plants,
wondering and researching
on how I can help them become healthier.
Creativity is nurturing,
and the essence of Creativity
also fuels
the blending of beauty and practicality.
Indeed, the year 2022
and the ones prior
kept us in our cocoons, our shells.
It was undoubtedly
a time of separateness
that forced us
to reassess our goals and priorities.
We held on to the thread,
even with closed eyes,
we are exiting the labyrinth.
Yes, I believe,
we choose to emerge empowered
by a pearl of acquired wisdom
and humbly accept to receive
a much-needed jolt of enthusiasm
to propel us toward 2023.

Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noel!
Feliz Navidad!
Happy New Year!
Bonne Annee!
Feliz Ano Nuevo!

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